Chapter History

CREW Maryland Suburban began in 1987 when founding members Dee Miller, Jean Wirsching and Sharon Oliver realized the need for a separate and distinct CREW chapter for the evolving Maryland Suburban market.

In order to provide networking and leadership opportunities for women involved in the Maryland real estate market, the founders worked closely with CREW National (now CREW Network) to draft by-laws that created a professional and social organization that would keep the following tenants:

  • Provide mentoring opportunities for younger real estate women
  • Networking opportunities for highly-placed women in the real estate industry
  • Diversity within the organization where different talents could be brought together

In the booming real estate market of the 1980’s, the meetings focused on development-related issues, drawing attendees from all elements of the market, including many men in the area. Other members-only events provided more personal opportunities for women in the industry to make contacts and build professional skills.

For many years CREW Maryland Suburban won the national award for the highest percentage of members attending the national CREW conventions.

Today’s CREW Maryland Suburban organization strives to fulfill the vision and example set by our founders and continues to offers it’s members mentoring, professional development and networking opportunities at a local and national level.