Sponsor Hightlight | HBW Construction

February 11, 2020
Written by: CREW Maryland Suburban
Thank you HBW for being a Maryland Suburban CREW 2020 Gold Sponsor and for proudly supporting women through their HBW Women in Construction Group!
  1. What advice would you offer for women just starting out in the industry?
    1. Knowledge is power, ask questions & keep learning. Find a mentor that you trust to confide in and learn from. Keep an open mind to new practices and ideas – the industry is constantly evolving. Be open to constructive criticism, it can make you perform better and become a stronger asset to the industry.  
    2. Be confident in yourself – take initiative and be assertive. If you come across someone who does not show you respect in this industry because of your gender, do not take it personally. No one gender deserves to be in this field more than the other. You are strong, smart, and deserving.
  1. What has changed for women in business, if anything, over your career?
    1. Respect for women in the construction industry is more commonplace and are generally more accepted in leadership roles, in the office, and in the field. We bring a new approach and perspective to the industry that is being recognized as valuable.
  1. What is the biggest challenge in your job?
    1. How women are perceived in this industry can be a big challenge to overcome. The way a woman comes across can be misinterpreted very easily. In most cases, women need to work harder than a male peer to prove their industry knowledge or be credited with the same accolades. This can also affect work / life balance, which is another big obstacle to overcome as a woman in this industry.
  1. What is the one thing that your clients should know about HBW?
    1. HBW Construction is one big family that works together as a team. As a company we are very relationship driven, internally & externally. We strive for happy employees and happy customers. Our clients choose HBW because we stand behind our work and are committed to exceeding expectations.
  1. Why was the HBW Women in Construction group formed?
    1. HBW Women in Construction was formed to provide a sense of togetherness, empowerment, & confidence for the women within our company. Our meetings are a safe place where support and advice are offered.
HBW Women in Construction Mission & Vision Statements:
Mission: To create a supportive group that promotes positive change for women in our industry.
Vision: To continue to promote professional and personal growth while empowering women to have confidence in the workplace.
Client testimonials:
“I have handled a number of build-outs in my career and can honestly say that I have never had as pleasant an experience as I did with HBW during this build-out. I was assigned a fabulous Project Manager and amazing Superintendent, both of which took the time to speak to me in terms I could understand. They were both extremely professional, courteous and responsive. I felt as if I was their only active job. I typically do not look forward to office build-outs, but I am secretly hoping we grow so I can hire HBW again!” Lyda Mitchell, Vice President of Operations, Segue Technologies Inc.
“HBW was a pleasure to work with. Their team was focused, proactive, flexible and communicative. As a result, they not only met, but in many circumstances, exceeded our expectations as demonstrated by the finished space being delivered to us on time and within budget. While all construction projects have unexpected issues, HBW’s team was very “solution-oriented” and even when the issue may have had nothing to do with, or be in the control of HBW, the HBW team was always ready to jump in to help identify a solution. I would definitely consider using them for other possible construction projects in the future.” David Matayas, Board of Directors/Member of Firm, Epstein Becker & Green
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