Professional Development Series 

Date December 15, 2020
Location Zoom 
Time Multiple Times
2020-12-15 00:00:00 2020-12-15 00:00:00 CREW MDS Multiple Dates Personal Development Professional Development Series  Zoom

Professional Development Series 

Dates and Times:
Tuesday, December 15th (1-2pm) - Creating Clarity and Focus  (Please select link for details)
Tuesday, February 9th (2-3pm) - Step Up, Speak Up and Show Up  (Please select link for details)
Thursday, May 13th (4-5pm) - Mindset Strategies For Career & Business Growth (Details below)

In this customized program, your team will discover how to increase meaningful results in their business and career. When they change not only what they do, but HOW they think about it too, that’s when they achieve true clarity.  No matter where you are in your career timeline, you’ll leave with the tips, tools, and techniques to get maximum results every day.

Participants will:
Have the ability to move From Frustrated to FOCUSED on their business objectives.
Gain the knowledge of how to ramp up their motivation to achieve the results they desire!
Acquire new mindset strategies for massive action (and deal with the doubt that crops up as a result).
Understand of how to cultivate the community of people needed to grow their business and career to the next level.

All three events: $30 for members and $90 for non-members
Two of the three: $25 for members and $75 for non-members
One of the three: $20 for members and $45 for non-members